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As an experienced agent, LEIVI Design has access to a reliable manufacturing and supplier network all around the world. We will bring you in direct contact with the dealers and vendors that are capable of fulfilling all of your FF&E requirements.

We have established relationships with vendors that are proven to provide the best quality of goods and services. The products that we specify for you are guaranteed to meet and exceed the required brand standards.

LEIVI Design mission is to connect clients with the suppliers that work best with their needs. As your agent, we will make sure that you get the highest quality product at the most affordable price. Our pricing policy is very simple, transparent and there are no hidden fees or charges. Due to the low overhead costs we are able to transfer all of our savings directly to the client!

With LEIVI Design you get excellent service, high quality  merchandise and guaranteed savings over the competition! 

Please contact us to see examples of how our pricing compares with the traditional FF&E purchasing companies.

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